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What next?

February 19, 2012

Assuming you’ve got your audition tape made (and you probably don’t yet), then next step is to compile the application materials and mail it off! But what comes after that?

After recording, your level of playing probably made a significant leap. The simple fact that you forced yourself to be able to run through the pieces means that the pieces are in good shape. In other words, your standards for the technical ability, endurance, etc. are high, and you’ve probably met them if you are happy with the tape. Of course, you should have a nicely developed interpretation at this point too, but now I would suggest working with your teacher to make sure that your new found technical ability is really making the music live up to its full potential.

After a few more weeks letting everything simmer together, it’s time to start performing. Every one will have different opportunities, but most of us have access to student recitals of some level. You could also ask schools, religious institutes, community centers, retirement homes etc. if they would like a complimentary performance!

Don’t be discouraged if your first performances don’t go quite as well as you hope (but of course you knew that!). Rest assured, they get better! Each time you perform, you’ll become more comfortable, and so the next time around you’ll feel less nervous to begin with, and that always helps. Additionally, every time you give a “bad” performance, you’ll become motivated to practice those specific sections which didn’t go so well.

This step is pretty self-explanatory, because the more you perform, the better you get at performing – there isn’t much in the way of specific things you need to do to make this happens.

Good luck, and happy practicing!

Next week, I’ll discuss ways to practice performing when performances are scarce.


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  1. February 22, 2012 12:52 pm

    If all fails, you can always perform via skype or google talk… :) It’s certainly not enough for a major competition but if you are practising for a small amateur level recital, it works very well. I play in a home for the elderly every year around Christmas and I’ve found that it really helps to perform my pieces a few times for people who aren’t relatives (I do know them via internet forums etc). Performing ‘online’ feels different than performing for parents/husband etc, I feel more ‘pressure’ to play really well- and that’s exactly the condition under which you’d like to practise when practising performing…

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