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Competition Watch: Dutch Harp Competition

April 1, 2012

Hi everyone,

Today the second Dutch Harp Competition (the first having happened in 2010) released the results of its final round.

Here was the repertoire for the entire competition:

Preliminary round

Audio recording, preferably on CD or MP3 which must be send to the Competition Secretariat before 15 November 2011

  1. One etude chosen from:
    W. Posse — Konzertetudes [1-8]
  2. From C. P. E. Bach — Solo in G, Wotq. 139:
    movement II. Allegro or III. Allegro

Quarter-final round

  1. C. P. E. Bach — Solo in G, Wotq. 139 (without repeats)
  2. M. Flothuis — Pour le tombeau d’Orphée
  3. From P. Patterson — Spiders, op. 48:
    movement IV. Tarantula

Semi-final round (max. 40 minutes in total)

Solo recital which must include the compulsory work:

  • C. Debussy — Danse sacrée et danse profane for harp and string quintet

The rest of the programme is chosen by the contestant and must be presented on stage by him- or herself.

Final round

  1. J. Rodrigo — Concierto de Aranjuez for harp and orchestra
  2. A freely chosen encore

Here were the results, by round:

Quarter-finalists (aka passed the prelims)

Alexandra Katelyn Mullins (United States)
Anastasia Sissy Makropoulou (Greece)
Andrea Voets (The Netherlands)
Anna-Livia Walker (Italy/United States)
Christa Emmerink (The Netherlands)
Emmanuel Padilla Holguín (Mexico)
Eva Verheyen (Belgium)
Ingrid Bauer (New Zealand)
Ivana Dohnalová (Czech Republic)
Joana Daunyté (Lithuania)
Katrina Szederkenyi (Hungary/Canada)
Liliana Safikhanova (Russia)
Mariam Fathy (Germany/Egypt)
Marina Ganshin (Israel/Russia)
Markus Thalheimer (Germany)
Nick Scholten (The Netherlands)
Oksana Sidyagina (Russia)
Ritsuko Arima (Japan)
Valérie Milot (Canada)
Victoria Davies (United Kingdom)


Sarah Verrue (Belgium)
Antonia Hentze (Germany)
Valeria Kurbatova (Russia)
Ruth Bennett (United States/United Kingdom)
Mami Segawa (Japan)
Joel von Lerber (Switzerland)
Amandine Carbuccia (France)
Anna Steinkogler (Germany)

*Unfortunately Antonia Hentze had to drop out of the competition at this point due to illness*


Amandine Carbuccia (France)
Ruth Bennett (United States/United Kingdom)
Sarah Verrue (Belgium)

Final results:

First Prize (€10,000 and concert tour in 2013): Amandine Carbuccia (France)

She additionally won the Omroep MAX Award, consisting of a concert or studio registration.

Second Prize (€5,000): Sarah Verrue (Belgium)

Third Prize (€2,500): Ruth Bennett (United States/United Kingdom)

Winner of the Fiordifrutta Audience Award (€ 2,500) is Amandine Carbuccia (France). The award was presented by harpist and The Voice of Holland-winner Iris Kroes, who gave a magnificent performance during the jury deliberations.

The Festival Classique Originality Award, given to the semi-finalist with the most original recital programme and presentation, was handed to Anna Steinkogler (Austria). She will develop and perform a concert format during Festival Classique 2013.


Great job, everyone!

The Dutch Harp Competition has some progressive ideologies  that you might find interesting. You can find all the relevant information on their website. On a superficial level, isn’t is great that they have a performance going on during the jury deliberations?

Happy practicing!



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