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ST Karlinski is a national and international prize winning college student in New York City, though he is originally from New Hampshire. His primary teachers have included Stephanie CurcioIna Zdorovetchi, with whom he studies during the summer; and Nancy Allen, with whom he studies with during the school year.

Since the age of sixteen, ST Karlinski has won several awards including:

Two top prizes in the Intermediate II (2009) and Advanced (2011) divisions of the American Harp Society National Competition.

A top prize and special prize in the Young Artist’s Harp Competition (2010) in the Emerging Artist’s division.

Top prize in the Harvard Musical Association’s High School Achievement Awards (2011)

A Lyon and Healy Award (2011)

ST Karlinski was also accepted to and performed for the 2011 World Harp Congress Focus on Youth program.

ST Karlinski’s favorite harpist-composer is Henriette Renie, and he is currently preparing for two competitions.

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  1. January 30, 2012 2:57 am

    Why the harp? What had made yuo first gone for that instrument?
    Have you done any international competition such as the Geneva one? or the Jerusalem one?
    Good luck and thanks for the posts..

    • January 30, 2012 9:00 am

      I don’t actually have a very satisfying answer to this question. I don’t remember why I wanted to play the harp (I don’t even remember the period of time when I wanted to play but didn’t yet), and my parents apparently never got an answer out of me… so no one seems to know! My mother thinks she remembers something about the angels in cartoons, but even when first starting out classical harp, those instruments are very different from the ones in cartoons, so if that had truly been my motivation I think I would have complained from the outset.

      I have competed in a small, lower level international competition here in the USA. Right now, I’m working on some big projects, but I will not say the specifics, at least for now. Which competition in Geneva are you referring to?


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